The association for education and care of animals “The Little Kingdom” was founded in 2020, but the idea, mission, ambition and realization started a long time ago…at the beginning of this century. The association was founded in Sombor. It was founded by us, the married couple Lazić, with the support of our closest family members and friends.

We are both  educators. Through working with children, we noticed that there is a need for additional knowledge, which is insufficiently discussed during the stay at school and in the family circle.

Slobodan is a professor at the Secondary Agricultural and Food School in Sombor. The love for animals was clearly visible from early childhood. In working with animals, he showed the greatest affection for dogs and horses. He managed to combine his love and professional interest. He is a canine judge, has a registered dog kennel in the FCI, as well as in the Veterinary Administration of the Republic of Serbia. In addition to professional subjects, he also teaches the elective course Fundamentals of Cynology at the school. He is a big horse lover… He is in the field of Horsmanship in his doctoral studies. He is a judge for the distance riding discipline, he is a professor of the elective course Sports Horsemanship, as well as one of the presenters of the seminar of the same name for high schools.

My name is Blanka and I am a teacher by profession. I am employed at Avram Mrazović elementary school in Sombor. I have been working with children for 20 years. My love for animals grew year by year. Because of that love, I have the need and obligation to change the level of awareness of our fellow citizens about the attitude towards animals.

We are married, we have two school-age sons who help us, support us in our principles and share our love and mission for animals.

We share our daily lives with a large number of animals, and also the responsibilities surrounding them. Coexistence with animals showed us the many needs that animals have, but also the great absence of welfare towards animals among citizens.

Due to the lack of education of our fellow citizens about animal behavior and irresponsible ownership as the main cause of abandoned animals, this whole story started.

What are the goals of “Little Kingdom”?

  • Raising awareness of animal welfare;
  • improving the protection and welfare of dogs;
  • educating citizens – especially children and young people about the importance of responsible dog ownership and care;
  • organizing courses, educational programs, seminars, professional counseling gatherings, forums, TV shows;
  • Providing theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills;
  • Organizing activities aimed at popularizing responsible ownership, as well as public advocacy for changing habits regarding animal care;
  • Advocating for the prevention of pet abandonment;
  • Responsibility for keeping animals, reproduction of animals, care of animal population and control of their number, as well as various types of assistance to animal owners;
  • Pointing out the problems that exist in our environment, which are related to the care and keeping of dogs (and other animals) and giving suggestions for solving them;
  • Publication of books, brochures, flyers and other advertising materials.
  • Providing the service of professional and expert counseling to breeders, as well as technical and professional support when organizing canine and other events;
  • organizing expert meetings, counseling, seminars and other forms of education in the field of protection and realization of animal rights;
  • organizing educational workers and other experts to work on the education of children and youth in the field of animal rights and protection, as well as work with children with special needs.
  • Cooperation with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad that deal with animal protection.
  • Organizing walks and dog and cat care for our members and sympathizers;
  • Organizing owner education and dog training for our members and sympathizers.

Our mission?

MALO KRALJEVSTVO is a civil society organization that helps people in Serbia take care of animal welfare in order to achieve personal, economic and social development.

We achieve our mission through public advocacy, education and monitoring the application of regulations. We influence the change of society’s culture in relation to nature and animals.

Our ambition?

Raising awareness about the welfare of animals through the implementation of various activities for citizens – primarily children, such as workshops, lectures, games, actions, art and literary contests, and the like, as well as connecting breeders / cynologists and the umbrella canine institution of Serbia KSS, with security guards / cinephiles and Associations for the protection of animals. Both groups of people are directed towards the same goal and this should be clearly pointed out to them. LOVE FOR ANIMALS.

Our values?


Respecting the value of life and sympathizing with those who need help, we act responsibly towards people, animals and the environment.


We believe that protecting nature and achieving a good state of animal welfare is possible only through the cooperation of all social factors.


We try to connect all important social partners in order to achieve common goals – the state administration, the professional and scientific public, the economy, the media, educational institutions, civil society organizations, citizens… that’s why “Little Kingdom” is also a member of the Union of Associations of the City of Sombor and we are members of the Management and Supervisory Boards


We train and provide professional support to people whose professions affect animal welfare awareness.


We inform and educate citizens about the importance of respect, care and responsible attitude towards animals.


We support the development of education and training on animal welfare

What is “Little Kingdom” not?


We accept the fact that humans must use animals to meet their basic needs, provided that pain, suffering and stress are avoided.


We recommend feeding animals and humans with those foods that have been produced respecting the standard, in terms of animal welfare and environmental protection.


We educate, spread knowledge, influence people’s awareness and conscience, advocate for the adoption of better laws, monitor the implementation of policies and regulations and thus work to change society’s attitude towards animals.


We cannot take your unwanted animals, but we can help you with adoption and solving future problems.

Blanka Lazić, representative of “Little Kingdom”